Why Out of Hours is so Important to a Business

It isn’t always possible to cater for all of your customers, and even suppliers, with your opening hours. Especially for a growing business, it is important to try and make sure that as many of your customers have access to your service as possible, in order to maximise the chances of sales and customer retention. Whether a potential customer is trying to find out more information about your products and services, want to purchase from you, or an existing customer wants to make a complaint, there are good reasons to look into hiring a contact centre service to offer an out of hours service for your company. That way, the pressure is off your internal staff and you can ensure your customers are looked after.

The thing is, it isn’t always possible for people to get hold of your company when it is most convenient for them, especially if your business hours are a traditional 9-5 during the week. This doesn’t mean that you should sit back and allow your customers and potential customers to miss out though (and for you to miss out on their business as a result). Hiring the services of an out-of-hours call service allows you to cover the times when your team are not in work, and make sure that you never miss an opportunity or an important call. There are many different aspects of customer service and this could be a key component of your approach to marketing and customer satisfaction.

Although you might immediately see the benefits of having your phone lines open to customers for longer than just the usual 9-5 opening hours that you have, it might not be financially viable for your business to keep the office open overnight or during the weekend, or to hire staff to work in-house to do so. A professional contact centre with the experience of representing a company as its out-of-hours service is the perfect assistance to a small or growing company.

With the help of a call centre team you will have peace of mind that your company is being represented with the highest level of professionalism, at all times. Customer service agents are highly trained and now how to treat every single caller to your company with the same level of positivity and respect that they deserve. As a white label service, you’ll also know that your customers will never know that they are talking to an external team that isn’t located at your office location. It is a win-win situation.

As a good way to improve customer satisfaction and cover your bases, hiring the services of a contact centre team to act as an out-of-hours service will help your company to improve customer retention and maximise the chances of improving the rate at which you find new customers and improve your brand recognition and reputation. You can never underestimate the importance of good relationships with your customers. Allowing them the clear pathway to make contact with your customer service agents (whether in-house or an external team) provides you with the best chance to improve customer satisfaction rates. During these tough coronavirus times, it is more important than ever to offer the best service possible to your customers.

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