What Type of Attachments are Best for a Mini Excavator?

Hiring mini excavators will go a long way to helping you complete the tasks you have waiting to be fulfilled on site with ease. A mini excavator is an essential component of a successful construction site, whether it is used during a renovation or demolition phase where the preparation of the land is taking place, or later on in the project where there is a need to get into restrictive and tight spaces that larger vehicles and equipment just cannot reach. As well as its brilliant basic functions, you can also hire attachments for mini excavators to maximise the effectiveness of your site. Here, we take a look at a few of the different options for mini excavator attachment hire.

Choosing an attachment for your mini excavator is more important than you think. The wrong attachment could slow down work or perform a task to a substandard completion than if you use the correct mini excavator attachment. With the right choice of attachment, you’ll naturally witness higher standards on site, much greater efficiencies and productivity on display.

Auger Attachment When you need to dig holes quickly and accurately, an auger is the perfect mini excavator attachment. The spiral design ensures an effective performance when removing soil from the hole. Augers are often used to drill holes in preparation for pillars and wells, or in landscaping where there is a need for fast and accurate soil preparation to plant fully grown trees and shrubbery.

Hammer (breaker) Attachment Where there is a surface that is particularly tough to break down or on challenging terrain, the hammer attachment can be used effectively to break up these hard materials. It delivers with a high-impact performance that are perfect in the demolition phase of a project. Smaller hydraulic breakers are great to use on concrete and lighter duty projects, whilst for large rocks and concrete you should think about larger hydraulic breakers and hammer attachments.

A Bucket Attachment An excavator bucket is useful within digging applications, with the deep, shovel-like attachment the perfect way to dig deep into the ground and to scoop out larger volumes of debris and material, to prepare trenches or for other purposes. Usually, you can choose between a few different types of bucket attachment, ranging from standard, through severe duty and on to ditch digging and skeleton.

Grapple Attachment You can use a grapple attachment in a few different ways. They are great as a way of clamping items right through to awkward material handling on site. A grapple is a great addition to a mini excavator hire to clear land and rock in order to prepare a site, to handle scrap items, or to load up bulky and cumbersome materials that would be extremely difficult to do manually.

Whatever type of attachment you require for your mini excavator it is vital that you have the support of a plant hire specialist in your corner. Building relationships with a plant hire company will help you to keep projects running smoothly at all times. It helps you to create and implement a delivery schedule of plant hire equipment and attachments that make sure projects are completed on time and within budget. It also means that should there be any problems, such as breakdowns on site, that you have a trusted contact with the necessary fleet of equipment and nationwide delivery depots to get a new product out to you as soon as possible, direct to the site you are working on.

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