What kind of service do provide?

The service permits users to send private notes to other individuals that self-destruct after they have been read. The method involves composing a message, encrypting it, and then mailing the link to an intended recipient. After the recipient reads it, the private messages disappear and can never be retrieved. Privnote permits users to select a manual password, a date when the note must be deleted, and other opportunities for transmitting private notes. Alternatively, they can just bookmark the carrier and receive information when the message has been read by another individual.

If you have the password for a site, you can mail a note to another user. Once they read it, the message will automatically self-destruct. It also has a password scheme, so the recipient will have to understand it to read the note. In the future, you can set up an email message so that you’ll be warned when someone reads your message.

The best thing about Privnote is that it’s complimentary, so you can utilise it without stressing about being seen out. While Privnote permits you to create password-protected notes, it’s essential to make sure you send them through a separate process after reading them. Utilizing an email will render them useless. It’s feasible to bookmark the Privnote site using a bookmark. A password will be mailed to the recipient after they’ve read the note. This route, whoever reads the message will be certain to keep your notes private and safe.

Another part of Privnote that covers your privacy is that the note will never be read or reproduced again. Once you’ve read it, Privnote will delete it from their servers, providing that your notes are never noticed by anyone else. This is essential for solitude and safety, and Privnote carries this incredibly. If you like your private notes to stay secret, sign up for Privnote.

Now you must have understood the beauty of that you can send and receive personal messages when you use the Privnote self-destructing online notes assistance. The process operations by setting a relationship with a decryption key that is linked to the message. This guarantees that the statement cannot be read by anybody else until the receiver has completed it. This benefit offers you the opportunity to select a contact name for the letter, and you can also decide to have the message automatically deleted when a predetermined period has expired.

As indicated above we don’t need to enlist for Privnotor to come up with a password to transmit private notes to people such as buddies, family associates, and co-workers. When you are through the report, you can easily develop a link to send to the recipient by connecting the icon that looks like a red seat. Following the recipient’s act of clicking the connection, the message will automatically delete itself behind a predetermined amount period. You can track Privnote on Twitter, and they also have a silhouette on Facebook that you can see.

So in nutshell- it’s safe way to send and receive Private Notes to anyone

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