What Are The Differences Between Chocolate Enrobing and Moulding?

Being a chocolate lover, it’s interesting to note how the delicious chocolates are created, right? And if you run a business of chocolates, the knowledge can be crucial to benefit your shop in the long run. So what’s the difference between molded and enrobed chocolates? If you don’t have enough idea about it, let’s enlighten you a bit.

The key difference between the two lies in the way they are created. While in the case of the enrobed chocolates, the center is created first and the coating next, the molded ones are prepared by creating mold lines first and filling the cavity after.

How the chocolates are enrobed perfectly

For near-perfect enrobing, you need a professional chocolate enrober that moves the center under a chocolate curtain to create the crisp covering. Crunchies and Mars Bars are two of the popular products that are created in this manner. Enrobed chocolates give you the chance to decorate it in numerous ways with herbs, spices, fork ways, gold leaves and more. The process is also quite efficient and faster, thus increasing productivity to a great extent.

What is molding and how is it done?

In molding, the chocolatier prepares the chocolate using a premade mold. After covering the mold with chocolate, it’s turned upside down and most of the chocolate is removed, which leaves a cavity along the mold lines. This cavity is then filled to create the finished product. One of the popular molded chocolates is Kitkat, which is a favorite of chocolate lovers across the world.

Can you enrobe the chocolates manually?

Yes, of course, you can! You can dip the fillings in tempered chocolate and create delectable enrobed delicacies. However, the enrobing machine gives you the advantage of speed and quality, as the unwanted fillings need to be coated first to prevent polluting the tempered chocolate.

Further, the coating or enrobing machines also increase the adjustability of the chocolate and makes it easier to increase or reduce the thickness of the product easily by altering the speed of the conveyor belt. If your enrober is attached to a cooling tunnel and a melting kettle, you will be able to handle larger-scale production quite conveniently.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to large-scale production, speed is an important factor to consider. Having an enrobing machine at your disposal will take care of the matter and reduce your headache to a great extent. Make sure you invest in the right machine with the best features to increase your bottom line and enhance your reputation in the market.

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