What Are The Challenges Faced While Using Ice And Snow Management Equipment

The seasonal nature of ice and snow is highly challenging for grounds managers. It is tough to invest, and manage equipment for different types of activities. Situations become challenging when the work takes place during unpredictable times.

It is required that managers precisely weigh all the important factors such as specification, working and outsourcing of equipment at the time of planning strategies to effectively deal with the toughest weather conditions.

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Equipment Issues

A large winter storm that brings significant ice or snow can be the cause for long hours, equipment breakdowns, fatigue, and hazardous situations for not just the visitors, but also for the occupants of commercial, and institutional facilities.

What should be done to manage such issues?

When faced with operational issues in the snow, and ice management equipment, it is required to perform the necessary action.

The most critical thing is to be ready to deal with equipment failure. Ice and snow removal includes different types of equipment that includes pick-up trucks, plows, compact equipment, skid steers, front-end loaders, all-terrain vehicles, and other equipments.

How to manage ice and snow removal operations?

With technological advancement, ice and snowplow manufacturers have come up with significant measures in the design, as well as the construction of plows in recent years. In addition to the proper technique, plows bring heightened efficiency to the snow, and ice management operations.

  • Straight plows. People who use this snow removal equipment need to make all passes far from buildings and in the direction of the perimeter. They need to avoid angling the blade in the direction of the building. Their objective is to pull away from the snow as far as possible from the building.

  • V-plows: To work with this equipment, the operators need to can set its blade in an angled position, or a straight position for wide-path stacking, or plowing. They can even use the “scoop position” to clean-up and carry snow with very negligible spilling.


Different equipment used for snow management offers different types of challenges. By learning about these equipment issues, you can prepare an effective strategy to deal with it.

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