The Top 3 Protective Earmuffs

Earmuffs are an excellent choice of hearing protection. They provide far more noise reduction than earplugs and generally fit better, particularly if you wear glasses or a hard hat. We carry all the top brands of earmuffs in both passive (no electronics) and electronic options for most applications:

  1. Aearo E-A-R Classic SuperSeal

This is an industry-standard, lightweight earmuff that provides the best performance for most industrial applications at a great price.

They are very popular with auto mechanics and machinists and work well in other noisy environments where you want proper protection without interrupting your ability to hear.

2 Uvex K3 Earmuff

These provide an excellent value for a great electronic earmuff. They have the highest noise reduction rating in their class and are known to be comfortable enough to wear all day long.

The high-quality sound amplification microphone allows you to hear typically while still protecting your ears from harmful noise levels over time. In addition, they fold up nicely into a compact package that is easy to store when not in use yet durable enough for everyday wear.

  1. Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Earmuff

If you need a better value in hearing protection, these are the way to go. They have the same features as more expensive models and provide excellent quality sound amplification at an excellent price point. In addition, the slim profile makes them easy to store but durable enough for regular use.

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