The Growing Popularity of Slatwall Panels

Companies and individuals are becoming more design-savvy. Within the financial overheads of businesses and personal expression of homes, creative uses are being found for previously unconsidered items. One of these items is the slatwall panel. For years it has been a favourite of retailers looking to maximise their potential display space by transforming vertical surfaces into a versatile platform for stock. However, now it is appearing elsewhere, in a variety of environments, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

In Hospitality

Slatwall panels are becoming more common in cafes and restaurants around the UK. Their low cost and extensive uses make them a prime choice for spaces looking to keep on top of organisation without breaking the bank. Since they can be attached to most walls, without imposing onto walkways or service areas like shelves, they are a fantastic storage option for regularly used catering items. With a few hooks or mounts, utensils or for-sale goods can be displayed, removed, and speedily swapped. This is perfect for spaces, such as a coffee shop, where items, such as cups or bags of coffee, need to be stored in plain sight and with ease of accessibility.

Slatwall panels are also famously low cost and simple to install, making them ideal for budget-conscious caters looking to make creative use of space. There are also no restrictions to the availability in size, which means they will fit into a cafe or restaurant no matter how complicated a space may seem.

At Home

Despite the iconic design of slatwall panels being often associated with retailers, they are found within homes too. Those who know of their practical applications for storage often install them in rooms for children or crafting spaces. Between the panels, hooks, grips, and even shelves can be placed for storing all manner of items. The simple design of slatwall panels means that anything attached to them can easily and quickly be adjusted or removed. This is great for your tools in the shed or for a child’s room to help keep the toys from off of the floor.

However, their use goes beyond practical and the panels are now widely available in different woods, colours, and with different accessories, meaning that they can be used to fit a certain style within the home. Many homes and gardens are now installing entire walls with barewood slatwall to hang a variety of plants – perfect for a minimal and Scandinavian style.

For Pop-Ups

More often, small businesses are finding their starts in shared spaces and pop-ups. Hosting various retailers or exhibitions means having a welcoming and adaptable space. Since businesses and individuals who participate in pop-ups will have different needs, it’s important to be able to accommodate as best as possible.

This is why, behind many temporary businesses and shows, you will see the familiar slatwall design. Their low cost and unimposing design make them ideal for large and small spaces, supporting an optimum use of space regardless of a resident company’s needs.

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