Questions to ask before deciding on your PPC agency

Pay Per Click is a buzz word of the digital marketing industry. In general, it gives accurate result than other forms of digital promotions. With professional Pay Per Click services, you can easily target your audiences and drive them to your website. A well-optimized PPC campaign can lead to better sale and profits.

In Pay Per Click marketing, you bid on particular keywords related to the target groups and publish the ad copy on different search engines. You only need to pay for based on the clicks on your PPC ad. Such services guarantee you outstanding result. But for all this, you need to hire only the best PPC services, provider. However, choosing the right PPC company can be a difficult task. So, how to hire the best service provider? Before this, let’s understand why you should hire PPC services?

Why should you hire PPC services?

The reputed PPC service providers can provide you with the best placement for your website through affordable PPC services. They have a team of highly qualified PPC experts who can effectively design PPC campaigns for major search engines. On behalf of you, they will bid on relevant and highly searched keywords for you so that you can enjoy better site visibility. The service providers also make sure that your Cost to Company is not affected and you will be able to generate maximum revenue. So, if you are planning to hire a PPC agency, then these few questions will help you in choosing a professional PPC agency.

Questions that you should ask while hiring a PPC agency for your company

  1. How long will you take to know about my business?

No matter how reputed the agency is, if it fails to understand your business, it will not help your company. Before hiring one, make sure they can invest their time to understand what is your business all about and how you work. The reason is when they have a better understanding of your business, they can employ the perfect and relevant keywords.

  1. Can you show me the list of your past and present clients?

Those who are the reputed agencies can provide you a list of current and past clients along with the references. Using the references, you can have a good insight into the service quality of the agency and their success rate in providing positive results in search rankings. Stay away from the agencies who hesitate to offers such a list.

  1. What do you know about the Google algorithm and its recent updates?

Any professional PPC firm should know about all the latest Google algorithm updates such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Mobile, Pigeon, and more. Don’t forget to ask them about SERPS, DMCA and Link Warning. A professional agency can easily explain these updates and how they affect your PPC campaign.

  1. What types of services do you provide?

Remember that PPC services can vary from one agency to another. Depending on your unique requirements, you can enjoy maximum benefits from one and more PPC services. A particular type of service will not fit with all the companies so every PPC agency must have a specialization on different services. Ask about the services they can offer you before deciding on PPC agencies.

  1. What is your approach to keyword research?

The success of a PPC campaign depends on the keywords used in this. Keywords are the major contributing factor to when and how the ads will be displayed on search engines. When hiring a PPC firm, ask the agencies about their keyword research strategies. Make sure they know how to do keyword benchmarking, negative keywords research, competitors’ analysis, and more. With such research strategies, they can provide you with relevant keywords.

  1. What are the tools you use for PPC services?

Do you know what the best thing about digital marketing is? There is a lot of unique and useful tools that can be used based on your requirements. A reputed agency should be familiar with all types of tools. Some popular PPC service tools are:

  • BuzzSumo: This tool analyzes the content that can perform best for you.
  • SEMrush: It offers ads strategy analysis, competitive analysis, and more.
  • SpyFu: Using this tool, one can easily download profitable and highly ranked keywords of the competitors.

Make sure to ask all these questions to the PPC agency before hiring them and narrow your list of best PPC agencies. Don’t forget to ask about the charges as you don’t want to pay more for limited services. Choose the best and get ready to enjoy the maximum benefits from your PPC campaign.

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