Personalize Packaging Style and Turn Ordinary Packaging into a Gift Package

As a retailer, our prime focus is to leave a positive impression on my customer. Before checking the product, the customer first gets attracted to its packaging. Thus, every brand focuses on the packaging for promotion. However, for e-commerce businesses, this can be slightly difficult. The customer knows what is being delivered, still, they focus on packaging, even if it is an ordinary corrugate or cardboard box, to leave an emotional unboxing experience.

Customized or attractive packaging is important for e-commerce companies because their goods are being shipped through different locations and also because they don’t get the chance of displaying their products on a colourful package on shelves. Through the packaging a style, a customer can recognize the effort and care a company put in. Quality packaging helps in delivering products safely.

Customizing a box isn’t difficult as long as you have a reliable manufacturer. Belley-Beyond the Box is a larger distributor of corrugated boxes in North East of the US. These warehouses are in Quebec, Arizona, Vermont, Oregon, British Columbia, and Ontario. The business was started in 1985 and since then they have provided optimum quality of customized and printed corrugated boxes to their customers on time. They also store boxes for their clients so that their office space isn’t occupied. You can check their business and price list online at

As an e-commerce business, it is always wise to follow these few rules to improve the unpacking experience of your customers –

Positive Impression and Brand Recognition

When you send a package in a good condition the customer appreciates your effort and care that you’ve put in. this helps in recognizing your brand. Good packaging leaves a positive response on the customer. They feel that the product is of good quality due to the packaging style. If you don’t pack properly, means you’re least bothered about the way your package is delivered and the quality to being good, therefore the customer is also least bothered about your name and will leave a negative review online.

Thus, while packing, ensure that you put your trademark on it, but don’t make it clumsy by printing it all over the box and intersecting them. This looks untidy. There should be at least one print on every side for clarity. Remember, to put your logo so that next time when your package is sent, it can be identified with the logo, and your customer would know that the product will be of good quality.

Decent Packing with Proper Protection

Instead of using too many wraps in a package, use bubble wraps, air pillows, foam wrap for protecting your items. Too many wrappers can irate a customer while removing them.


Personalize your products to connect with your customers. You can add cool frozen packs with frozen items, cards, customized tote bags, labels, or series of air pillows, etc. These little gestures are noticed by customers, especially when they see their names printed on the labels or cards.

Take advantage of these packaging styles to leave a positive impression on customers. A corrugated or cardboard box packaging can be boring. Thus, adding a slight variation can bring excitement to your customer’s life.

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