Oil And Gas Industries

These industries are the largest in the world, in terms of the amount they give in revenue annually. These industries may overwhelm an investor who wants to join the niche, as one needs to know the unique standards of measurements and the key concepts. Oil is very important in the economic sector, across the globe, therefore, a mandatory commodity. In this article, we will highlight the importance of the oil and gas industries separately.

  • Oil

Oil is the most important source of energy in the world; which is the lifeblood of industrialized nations. Oil is very vital for everyone to produce essentials. Plastics, paints, medicine, detergents, and fertilizers are among the chemical products manufactured from refined oil. In the transportation sector, oil is used in cars, buses, planes, and trains. At school, home, office, for building, while cooking, during leisure time, when farming or when you are out shopping, is among the many activities or things we use that, we owe to oil for making it easier for us.

  • Gas

There are vast benefits of gas, to the economy of a country, as well as, an individual’s day to day life. The gas industry creates job opportunities for the youth and unemployed in society, therefore, a reduction in the number of unemployed people, as the industry provides nearly three million job opportunities. A country’s economy is improved as gas industries will help in the manufacturing of domestic products, which will, in turn, reduce fuel costs, therefore, a reduction in prices of goods. The gas industries, benefit not only energy fuel but also transportation fuel and may lead to a decline in the dependency on foreign oil sources and imports. Gas is less expensive compared to oil or coal, and it is environmentally friendly, under perfect combustion circumstances. Gas is more efficient for transportation and storage purposes.


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