Machine screw: Provides Greater Strength to the Design

Machine crew come in various shapes and sizes. The strength of the joint is greater than the power of the self-tapping screw system. Machine screw suppliers are generally used where a strong joint with a good finish is required. There are many models of machine screw such as- stainless steel machine screw, brass machine screws, plated machine screws, etc.


A machine screw is either coarse threaded or fine threaded and is available with a wide range of head types. Machine screws are distinguished from other types of standard fasteners like wooden screws by their physical features and intended uses. Some of their typical characteristics are-

  • Standard machine screws are generally smaller (both in length and diameter) than other types of fasteners and bolts.
  • Many different screw types taper to a sharp point at the tip, unlike machine screws which are almost always blunt-ended(flat-tipped).
  • Most machine screws are fully threaded, meaning that the threading runs the full length of the fastener shank from just below the head right to the end.

Thus, we see many characteristics which make machine screw suppliers easy to reach.

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