Important Features OF Cloud-Based CRM That Makes It Beneficial For Your Business

Tracking customers and prospects using paper and pen was not just frustrating, and time consuming but also created several errors. To solve all these issues, a customer relationship management system proved to be very beneficial. In this post, we are going to tell you the most important ones.

Important features to consider when buying auto CRM software

The features in any CRM dealer software are categorized into four main groups. These are core functionality, niche functionality, enterprise functionality and standard functionality. Some of the core functions that you must look for in a CRM are contact management, calendar, reminders, basic reporting and task management.

Standard functionality takes a step ahead basic from Excel to an advanced CRM that offer more value. Use of this functionality helps a business to increase its revenue by approximately 40 percent. Some of these functions are: interaction tracking, mobile access, email integration, document storage, pipeline view, social media integration, customized reporting, marketing automation integration and quotes management.

Interaction Tracking

Interaction tracking records all the communication that happens between the business and its customers. By having all the information in a centralized place, makes it quite easy to delegate task to other people as required. This greatly reduces the time spent on each task.

Email Integration

Email is seen as a critical aspect of the sales process. This form of marketing has two times more ROI as compared to cold calling, trade shows and networking. When drafting an email, you can easily access the information of the prospect. Email integration logs all emails that are sent from inside of the CRM system and also saves you from cumbersome note-taking.

Email is found to be more impactful than other social media mediums such as Twitter and Facebook at gathering prospects. Email integration helps in increasing productivity of business both as a team and as an employee.

Document Storage

Document storage feature serves as a localized folder that keeps all sales docs at one place. This enables all users of the system can search and access required information easily.

Mobile Access

Mobile access is beneficial for the sales team to hit their goals effectively. CRM dealership software provides more flexibility to users in accessing customers that significantly increases customer satisfaction and sales revenue.


There are endless benefits of CRM. Ensure that your chosen CRM software comes with the above important benefits.

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