How You Can Prepare Your Items Meant for Storage?

You may be either looking for a temporary storage place while moving or a long-term solution to get rid of your clutter. The perfect solution will be to rent storage unit while relocating to any new home.

There are many storage facilities like Belley’s storage available all over, you can certainly find a self-storage rental which is cost-effective as well as convenient too.

Before haphazardly tossing all your belongings inside the storage unit, you should have knowledge about proper ways for preparation and packing items for storage.

Right from creating your inventory list to proper safeguarding all your items, following few tips are provided to prepare your items to be kept in storage place.

  • Research storage restrictions

Make sure that your items are not combustible, perishable or any other dangerous item to store. First, you must investigate about it before considering the storage.

  • Select which personal items you shall put in storage

After that select only those items which are useful to you in your new place. All other unnecessary items you may either sell or donate to someone.

  • Create inventory list of every items

During the time of movement, you may forget which items were stored where and hence it is necessary that you prepare a proper inventory list.

  • Clean and vacuum all your belongings

In order to maintain all your item in proper condition during storage it is recommended that you must use vacuum cleaner to clean before packing them.

  • Instead of boxes prefer clear plastic bins

Place your items inside any airtight and clear plastic bins so that you can easily see inside when it is placed in the storage unit and you need not search them frantically.

  • Label clearly if using boxes

If you cannot find plastic bins then make a label on each box indicating the list of items placed inside the box so that they are easily locatable.

  • Safeguard all items from outside environment

If you are moving to a place where it is very humid then it is necessary that they should be properly protected while packing.

  • Disassemble large items

Few large items, like beds, almirahs and dining tables must be disassembled while placing in storage. This will save your space and can easily be transported.

  • Prepare appliances

While putting small appliances of kitchen better wrap them in foam or bubble wrap so that it will not break and also remain clean.

  • Strategically place your items inside storage unit

While placing items in the storage, strategically decide about where and how you want to store them.

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