How to Use Eviction Process and Steps You Should Take?

There are different eviction processes and they depend on various eviction laws that provide complete benefit to the tenants. It is also the complete authority of the owner of property to evict a tenant but there are some reasons for that. It is also important that owner or the landlord must terminate the agreement of tenancy in advance. It works in a way by giving a written notice to the tenant and you can cannot evacuate your tenant without any kind of notice.

You also have complete authority to take the legal actions against the tenant if he does not comply to your notice and in that condition, you can file an eviction case. In this way, you will be able to remove the tenant from the property in a very easy way. The complete New York state eviction process is not that much difficult and you can do it in very easy steps.

Eviction Process

  • For the eviction process, there is something that you need to remember and first of all it is the duty of property owner to give a notice to the tenant.
  • The duration of notice also depends on your preference and also on the basis of pending rent installments from the tenant. There are New York eviction laws that clearly define what should be the conditions of your notice and other related things.
  • After the end of notice, if you see that tenant do not comply according to your requirements and then you have all the authority to take legal actions against him.
  • An eviction court order can be generated in this regard to deliver it to your tenant or you can also take the services of law enforcement officer to make things easier for yourself and to evict the tenant.

Eviction Notice to Tenant

  • Giving eviction notice to tenant is the right of property owner and it is important that you follow the rules and regulations according to the property where it is located. You should understand that loans also vary by country and state.
  • The notice is also served by the court and you should also comply according to the laws that they have made for this.
  • If you want to file a notice and your case goes to eviction, judge will sign the eviction order.


It is important to understand that the complete eviction process will have to be done according to the local laws and it is crucial that landlords also comply with these regulations.

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