How to Engage in Virtual Meetings

In this time of lockdown and coronavirus more of us than ever before have had to get used to working from home and taking part in virtual meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other platforms where people can have video chats with colleagues. There are plenty of people who are used to these types of platforms anyway, and there is a skill to be had in knowing how to properly engage in virtual meetings. Knowing that there is a skill to it, you can improve your personal outlook to virtual meetings and working remotely by taking professional training courses that are tailored to helping individuals engage in meetings and managers to run virtual meetings effectively.

As remote working and virtual events become more desirable to businesses due to the cost-effectiveness of the approach, training videos, group meetings, conversations with suppliers and customers, and many internal processes are now being undertaken via video link and other types of virtual meetings. Effective communication and planning of a virtual meeting should in essence be similar to a physical meeting where every attendee is in the same location, but there are little tweaks and tips to make sure everyone is on the same page and remains focused and engaged throughout the duration of a meeting.

Preparation is key in any meeting, but even more so when it comes to a virtual meeting. Before deciding on the specific attendees and the platform that will be required, the person hosting the meeting has to work out what information is needed for the meeting and whether or not anything will be shared. Planning for a visual data presentation is very different on a small screen compared with presenting to people in a large auditorium, and there has to be the right approach taken at every single meeting, depending on the setting.

Use a platform that is as easy as possible to use, even for those attendees with rudimentary exposure and experience in technology. Zoom for instance, has become very popular during lockdown as it is easy to use on your computer or phone and the screen can be shared with everyone in the meeting at a touch of a button. Don’t make things unnecessarily complicated, especially if you have employees who might struggle to work software, slowing down the pace of the meeting in the process and wasting valuable time.

There is an art to both running and taking part in virtual meetings. As we move into a world where more of us will be expected to work remotely and to stay in touch with managers and colleagues via video platforms and engage in virtual meetings, it is more important than ever before to understand how to remain engaged and be as effective as possible in these types of meetings. Professional training courses can help you swot up on the skills and characteristics required to be successful at both running a virtual meeting and taking part in one. With the right approach you should be just as effective as if the meeting was taking place in person, in your place of work.

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