How to apply for the PSG in Singapore?

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Are you interested to apply for the PSG offered by the Singaporean government? To apply for the PSG grant Singapore, get informed about certain criteria first to expect approval of the grant given for transforming your business digital. The SME should be registered in Singapore. The IT equipment whether brought or leased should be used in the country. Moreover, 30% shareholders should be local Singaporean. If all these criteria match with your business then applying for the PSG is easy.

Here, some suggestions are provided to apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant in Singapore—

  • First login to the portal offering the business grant. There are some simple steps you need to follow for registering with CorpPass. Now, by using CorpPass credentials, you can login to the business grant portal.
  • As you login into the Productivity Solution Grant account, three options will be shown based on what you do. Either you can edit company profile or you can apply for a new grant. For applying, you have to click on the New Grant.
  • Next choose the industry you represent including- foot, retail, logistics, construction, tourism, wholesale, landscaping, precision engineering, etc.
  • Next, choose the grant type. The PSG ensure funding to SMEs. It’s suggested to select the pre-scoped productivity solutions.

Then precede a few tabs more for applying.

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