When you hear the phrase “HOCl solution generator”, you may be struck with not knowing exactly what that is. But no matter: that’s what this article is here to help with!

What Is HOCl?

Hypochlorous acid, or HOCl, is a weak acid (naturally made within our bodies) used by our neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, to combat foreign pathogens.

In ordinary terms: hypochlorous acid is a powerful, all-natural and non-toxic weapon to fight germs and bacteria.
And what’s more: we no longer have to rely on naturally occurring hypochlorous acid – thanks to modern technology and cost advancements, you can now access hypochlorous acid for sale!

How Do You Create Hypochlorous Acid for Sale?

Now that we have a stronger understanding of what HOCl itself is, let’s have a look at a HOCl Solution Generator.

Though the name may sound quite complicated, the process of creating hypochlorous acid is a surprisingly simple one: it can be created by combining salt, water and electricity. A HOCl Solution Generator ensures that this process is done stably and safely – hypochlorous acid needs to maintain a pH level of 3 to 6 to ensure the proper levels and concentration of HOCl. If the pH level is too low, the solution will contain too much chlorine (Cl2), and if the level is too high, the solution will contain too much hypochlorite (OCl-).

What Can HOCl Be Used For?

It may sound well and good to have hypochlorous acid for sale, but what can it actually be used for?
The answer to that is: almost anything. Think of any situation or circumstance in which one would need to take hygiene and cleanliness into consideration: the food and beverage industry, hospitals, offices, bars and nightclubs, even the gym! In this current age of Covid-19, we’re more aware than ever of the need for public cleanliness and safety.

The drawback of the frequent use of alcohol-based disinfectants or powerful bleaches can be the exorbitant amount of chemicals (or even just the harshness of the ethanol) in this products. Due to HOCl’s very simple ingredients list and its naturally occurring state in our own bodies, using it on a widespread scale can help reduce irritants to our bodies and the environment, as well as aiding in the prevention of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

As if this wasn’t already impressive enough, hypochlorous acid can also be safely and effectively used on the skin. Though not a total replacement for skin cleansers and skin scrubs, the solution can be used to speed up wound healing times and reduce inflammation from conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

So What Happens Now?

Previous deterrents that stopped companies and businesses from using a HOCl solution generator as a disinfectant alternative were the cost of owning such equipment, and the difficulty of ensuring that the solution’s pH was stable enough to be effective.
Thanks to technological developments and the generators themselves becoming more accessible from a price point of view, it seems that hypochlorous acid could feature heavily in the future of the fight against bacteria.

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