Four Effective Steps in Maintaining a Steel Building

In terms of construction, builders, property owners, and designers usually choose steel over other, materials. The popularity of steel is due to its physical and mechanical characteristics including durability, sustainability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. These characteristics make Houston steel the most ideal solution for the swift construction of steel structures.

But, even if steel has exceptional qualities, frequent exposure to environmental agents like oxygen and moisture make this metal susceptible to rust and corrosion. Exposure to salt can further speed up the corrosion of steel. When left unattended, rust will make the building looking unattractive and compromise the entire structures’ load bearing capabilities. Thus, if you own a steel building, you need to think about corrosion protection to maintain the integrity of your steel building. Here are some ways to protect your building from corrosion:

Inspect the Building Carefully

Check the building both inside and outside. Look for signs of rust and mildew growth.  Check also for cutting oils, marking inks, and oil residues. Consider testing your structure for chloride since this is the most corrosive agent to steel that can cause premature building deterioration. Chloride test kits are available in the market but make sure to follow the instructions on the label.

Remove All Contaminants

These contaminants can include surface contaminants like dirt and grease. You can remove them by power washing your steel building. Also, make sure you remove mildew, paint residue, and rust by scrubbing the affected areas using a steel brush dipped in abrasive. Then, give the building a final wash and let it dry before you apply the coating.

Apply Protective Layer

A rust-inhibiting primer or finish should be applied to the building after it has dried up. Let the coat dry for at least two hours before you apply a base coat or acrylic primer. Try to apply a thicker coating for maximum building protection against corrosion. To make sure the entire building is properly coated, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. Professional coating is especially essential if you have a big building.

Maintain the Building Regularly

Your steel structure can only perform for the long term when it is well maintained. Maintenance includes cleaning and inspecting the building periodically, particularly the vulnerable areas like the gutters, sheets, and the sheltered parts under the canopies or eaves. Also, don’t forget to keep the upper part of the roof walls and roof extensions clean.

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