Five Ways to Keep your Crane Operation Efficient and Safe

Cranes are incredibly helpful in job sites. With them, it can be easy to pick up heavy objects. But, if you are looking to use a crane regularly, you must ensure you do it as safely as possible. A wrong step could be catastrophic and put everyone at risk. Also, it could lead to plenty of damages and possibly force you to shut the site down for some days. Click here to learn about crane operation efficiency. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your crane operation and ensure the safety of your people and your facility. They include:

Inspecting the Job Site

Hazards exist from the time you turn the crane on. You must inspect the job site from top to bottom before you use it so you can figure out how to use it safely. Also, check the load charts of the crane before you turn it on to determine the specific weight the crane can handle while it lifts objects up.

Eliminating Possible Distractions

These days, there are many ways crane operators can get distracted. Cell phones have become a major distraction for a lot of them. But, operators need to resist the urge to take calls or check text messages while they operate a crane. Generally, crane operators must power their electronic devices down while using a crane to reduce distractions they will have to deal with while performing their jobs.

Assigning Appropriate Personnel

Contemporary mobile cranes are complex machines which can generate significant lifting force in a compact package. Only qualified and experienced crane operators can efficiently and safely operate cranes. Assigning experienced workers to your lifts will keep your job site safe and code compliant.

Properly Securing Objects to be Lifted

A lot of crane-related accidents, injuries, and fatalities are caused by improper loading. Unsecured loads can expose your employees to hazards. In fact, even small items such as tool boxes, bolts, and water coolers should be secured. Ensure there is someone who can double- or triple-check each load before lifting.

Ensuring there is a Proper Lifting Area

Although mobile cranes are designed to be efficient and agile in small spaces, you must allow enough clearance for both the boom swing and outriggers. A crane’s working footprint will vary depending on the unit’s size, the length of the boom, and the height of the lift. If you not sure about the amount of space you need to safely set up and operate a crane, check with your crane service before you bring the machine  to your work site.

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