Doing Better With Gemba Walks: Get A Dedicated App!

Businesses have to find ways to improve productivity on the work floor. Managers often rely on data and available information to take decisions, but the minute details can only be known through a personal visit. That’s exactly what Gemba walk is all about. It is a common management exercise, where managers go to the floor, observe and take notes, so as to find possible scope for incorporating changes to improve work flow. Gemba walk is a regular management technique and must be conducted at least two to three times per day.

It goes without saying that doing everything manually may mean a lot of work, which is precisely why there are apps that simplify the process. While you can visit Tervene website to know more, here are some quick aspects about using an app for Gemba walks.

Why use an app for Gemba?

Because you need to reduce cost, time, effort and focus more on work flow and production speed – It’s as simple as that. Managers are expected to take pictures, notes while on a Gemba walk, but that also mean spending a lot of time on paperwork. Using the experience from such an exercise and making the best decisions out of observations are key aspect for success of Gemba walks. Since organization’s performance is dependent on the decisions taken, using an app is a wise way to streamline the process. Depending on whether the app is designed for Gemba walk, you can find features that allow managers to create checklists, tasks and make the most of recorded data. Such apps also make it easy to keep a tab on the improvement projects.

Following the norms

When it comes to Gemba walks, certain aspects remain the same. If you are using an app for the purpose, check if the developer offers assistance for training of first-line managers, whether you can seek help for problems, and the range of features that it offers. For instance, if managers are not sure of how to schedule new plans, the app can offer data that can be utilized for taking decisions. Done right, Gemba Walks also come in handy for improving participation and collaboration at all levels of the management, especially on the work floor. Make sure that you don’t turn Gemba Walks into an audit or bossy exercise.

Check for apps that can help with automating and simplifying Gemba Walks, and don’t shy away from evaluating the features.

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