Different Log Loaders and Benefits They Offer

Log loaders can be operated by using mechanical and electronic controls. They are mostly used for transportation of heavy wood logs. Such log loaders are meant for lifting wooden logs from the transportation trucks, and then move them to different places where they will be stored.

Log loaders are usually supported by boom and the hydraulic grapple for catching the logs. Different varieties of the log loaders are available and all have different characteristics and configurations.

Majority of the log loaders however are of 2 main categories:

  • Small self-propelled
  • Small knuckle-boom type log loader that remains fixed with truck.

Types of wooden log loaders

  • Knuckle-boom

This is new wood or timber loader which is called in French as chargeuse a bois neuve which simulates knuckles of man’s hand or arm with hydraulic boom.

Hydraulic grapple can be used for catching or moving wooden logs in its proper place where they need to be stored. Such loaders are easily rotated from angle of 180ᵒ to 360ᵒ.

  • Self-propelled

In order to have easy movement, this type of small log loader got wheels and rotating grapple remains attached at the end of boom so that clutching will become easy.

It is able to rotate in full circle and to increase stability rubber tires provided. Few different varieties as following are available:

  • Crane loader

To offer better productivity it is customised and its machinery deck may rotate 360ᵒ.

  • Forklift loader

Having outfitted forks, you can raise or lower it conveniently.

  • Mobile heel boom

It will come with one grapple and pair of tongs that can offer greater control when it will hold the logs at two different places.

Advantages of having log loader:

  • Fully rotating grapple

Easily this can rotate at an angle up to 360ᵒ. Having high quality steel and also strong bearings, one can achieve excellent performance.

  • Long reach

Hydraulic boom available can reach easily up to 10 M.

  • Endurance and durability

Strong boom available can perform many different tasks without causing damage and will hold heavy logs on its extended conditions.

  • Lightweight

They are usually made of fine-grained steel, hence are quite light in its weight.

  • Versatility

Log loaders are easily modified or configured to attach to any trailer or truck.

  • Easy transportation

They are easily transportable because normally mounted on the trucks or trailers.

Also, they are comfortable, productive and profitable. It is possible to do your job easily and efficiently by picking right kind of loader.

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