Create a Winning Business Image with Virtual Office Services

The average person is often reluctant to deal with a newly-formed business, which presents an element of risk; What happens if I use them and they go bust? Will my warranty be rendered useless? These are the sort of questions that potential customers ask themselves and when a business is operated from home, this hardly inspires confidence. It is possible, however, to create the image of a busy and successful company, thanks to virtual office services.

What Are Virtual Office Services?

When the operatives are remotely located, they offer their receptionist services, meaning you can have your business number manned by a qualified receptionist who is fully briefed on your business. You might, for example, wish to acquire a landline that matches your virtual address in Sydney and have a virtual receptionist handle call receiving and message taking, or you might have a 24-hour customer support number and you would this to be covered outside of normal office hours, these are services available from the provider, who has a call centre operation in another country.

Impressive Business Address

The business address is one of the first things a potential customer notices and if you are in the Sydney CBD, that will raise an eyebrow and you can use the various services to create an established image. If you ever needed to call a meeting with your sales team, you can hire a state-of-the-art conference room from the virtual office provider, who would put up your company plate to make it look like these are your permanent offices, should it be required.

Secretarial Work

The virtual office service provider has an in-house team of secretaries who can handle any tasks you might have in that department and you only pay for the services you use. If you keep all your receipts, the remotely located staff would be happy to prepare the monthly accounts, or if you need some promotional literature printed, this is something they handle.

Call Answering

If you are running a promotion and are expecting a big response, the virtual receptionists can be engaged for a specific period of time and they can handle high volumes of enquiries, following an agreed script set by you. You can activate the service at the drop of a hat, or put it on hold with a simple phone call, which is the smart way to go about any outsourced service.

Talk to a leading virtual office service provider and see what they can do to help your business.

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