CARM Canada Updates and Changes

In addition to the CARM Portal, companies may also be interested in the new client-centric CARM GCKey credential. This unique credential will allow users to access government services online, including the customs declaration process. CARM clients will have access to this credential through the CARM Client Portal. Users will be able to access the CARM Portal through a web browser, ensuring that they are always up to date on changes to CARM Canada.

The CBSA recently moved its accounts receivable ledger system to a new SAP S4/HANA system, supporting future IT needs. This upgrade does not affect external users of the system. The CBSA also launched the CARM Client Portal to help clients interact with CBSA. However, it is unclear how long these changes will take to go into effect. As a result, the CBSA may delay Importers’ Daily Notices while they move to the new system.

While CBSA has not revealed the timetable for CARM’s initial release, it has provided information on its multi-year plan. The project will modernize and streamline the import process, resulting in improved compliance with trade rules and increased border security. It will also make the process easier for importers and other trade partners to manage their trade activity. Initially, the first two releases of the CARM Client Portal will be available in 2021. The final release will be implemented in 2022.

Importers will need to register their business accounts for CARM. Once they have completed the registration process, they will be able to access the CARM portal and access their CBSA business numbers. They will also need to designate a Business Account Manager (BAM), who will be responsible for registering the company’s CCP and overseeing all interactions with the CBSA via the portal. Businesses may consider having a second Business Account Manager to ensure compliance.

As the CARM Portal replaces the Single Window system, CBSA has announced it will not implement CARM Release 2 until January 2023. This will allow importers to experiment and innovate while reducing the need for CBSA attention. Importers should still register in the CARM system before the second release date. This will allow importers to get a CARM Business Number and receive a RPP on imports prior to payment. This will also eliminate the need to fill out and submit B3 and B2 forms.

CARM is a multi-year initiative by the CBSA to streamline the collection of duties and taxes on imported goods. Through an online cloud-based portal, trade chain partners will be able to view business numbers, make payments on duties, and access their CBSA statement of accounts. The first phase of CARM, the Accounts Receivable Ledger, went live in April. In addition to the ARL, the Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL), will also be implemented.

The CARM Client Portal has now become available to importers, brokers, and trade consultants. With the CARM Client Portal, importers, brokers, and trade consultants can view transaction information, statements of account, request rulings, and even pay invoices electronically.

Further, the portal will allow importers to manage the CARM compliance process online. It is the most comprehensive online portal for importing and exporting goods in Canada. It also allows brokers to use their bond to facilitate client services.

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