Business Growth – Beware of These Web Design Myths

The quality of your website design can influence the productivity of your business. When you optimize the design, it can result in a 100% rise in the number of clicks, and the volume of business visitors.

Webmasters focus on implementing a clutter-free layout for the website. If you are a designer a business, you should be aware of the common website design myths. This learning can help in preventing your business design to suffer.

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You don’t require a mobile version of the website

With the introduction of smartphones, more and more people prefer to access business on their smartphones, and tablets. Responsiveness is very critical for the growth of mobile platforms. It is very important that your business website should be optimized for commonly used technological gadgets such as iPhone, iPads, etc.

Whether it is a small or big screen, it is important that the website is clearly visible on types of devices. If you don’t want to lose your customers to your competitor website, then assess the significance of mobile website design, and get it implemented in your business.

Content doesn’t have any influence in the design

This is not true. It has been seen that around forty percent of visitors visit the website, and will go away if they do not find any valuable content in it. Content is the king in any business website. The right method is to create an enriching, and unique content first, and then design the website around it.

The Homepage of a webpage is the most significant part of the website

A homepage acts as the navigational hub that makes it easy for people to finding links to different areas of the website. However, due to the expanding emphasis on digital marketing, and SEO, the inner website pages also hold equal importance.

For the better user experience, along with homepage, functional, and eye-catching homepage are also important.


There is a lot of meaningless information available on the web. These are website design myths that can result in a waste of resources, and time on a website that doesn’t give you an outcome that you expect. A professional web design firm is aware of these myths and creates the most productive and functional website for your business.

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