Beneficial Small Scale Harvesting Equipment For Your Business

Winching is beneficial when your forestry equipment is unable to reach near to the cut tree. By winching it using a cable, you can obtain the trail. The tractor and other machines stay on the sliding log trail. Pulling logs using a cable, and then skidding using a sulky can work for you.

In this article, we will know more about the beneficial small-scale harvesting forestry equipment.


An ATV is small-sized and maneuverable equipment that will assist you in reaching the log to slide it most of the time. If your terrain is coarse, the brush is very dense, or you wish to safeguard new growth, then it may not be suitable to use this equipment. In that scenario, you need to start by pulling out the log using a cable or winching it out using a hand winch or an electric winch.

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It is another useful equipment that small-scale harvesting companies can use is a tractor. Due to the handling features, and size, a tractor is not very efficient to reach the log. In a few cases, it can lead to causing harm to the new growth. A tractor should remain on marked log trails.

How to use an ATV for winching?

The winch installed on an ATV can be either hand or electrically driven winch on crossed or arched logs. The length of cable is around ten meters or thirty feet.

How to use a tractor for winching?

There are several different types of winching attachments available for tractors that include a skidding winch, the capstan winch and more. Winching attachments present on the tractor runs off the PTO shaft. The cable used in this arrangement is twenty to thirty meters long. Longer reach wires can be installed.

How to implement a choker?

To use a choker, you need to attach the farthest log first and work towards the tractor. When the winch begins, it pulls the last log first. All the other logs block up along the mainline.

Cover each choker about sixteen inches from the end region of the log. If connecting to the topmost end, leave stubs to avoid it from descending. Once the log is wrapped, the choker goes via a slider present on the mainline.


These are the very important types of winching forestry equipment that can greatly assist your forestry business.

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