Avoid These Common Packaging Design Mistakes

When used correctly, there are a lot of benefits that a business can get by using customized labeled packaging designs. Unfortunately, a few businesses commit mistakes that prevent them from reaping these benefits. In this article, we are going to show you about these mistakes so that you can prevent them in your current or upcoming advertising campaign.

Benefits of customized packaging designs

Increases ROI of a business

When your custom shipping boxes remain in front of your customers, it remembers them about you. You are the first thing that comes to their mind when they are keen to buy products like the ones offered by your company.

Cost effective way of promotion

Marketing agencies that are employed by organizations generally take up a lot of money. For a start-up business, it can become difficult to invest a large amount of money in implementing in expensive marketing strategies. Customized labeled shipping packaging boxes are an effective marketing strategy that does not require much investment.

List of mistakes in customized package design

Over packaging that makes it difficult to remove it

Do not over complicate packaging of your box. Do not make it very hard to open. It will waste a lot of time of customers to open it and also bring a bad name to your business. Your business will also lose a lot of money in excess packaging.

It also takes up unnecessary space on the shelf. Keep the packaging simple and straightforward. Only use the needed amount of packaging that would safeguard the product.

Missing a chance to brand

Boring, and non-descriptive packaging can adversely impact a brand. Make the best use of this marketing opportunity to create brand awareness with your packaging.


Nothing breaks down the reputation of your business, like a spelling error.

Blurry images

Avoid printing images that are so blur that consumers are not able to see the name of the product. Make it convenient to read.

Bad Placement

To avoid making your packaging perceived as humorous, juvenile or bad, it is important to placement of insignificant things in the design.

Outdated Design

Keep your packaging design updated in a way that your brand continues to give competition to its fellow competitors.


So, to benefit your business with advantages of customized packaging designs, you need to prevent above stated mistakes. It will definitely enhance the effectiveness and give a boost to your marketing campaign.

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