All About Uses And Applications Of Epoxies

For the unversed, epoxy resins, simply called epoxies, are a type of industrial adhesives known for extreme strong hold. This is the precise reason why epoxy resin has such different applications. If you check the market for products, you will realize that companies like Adhesives Technology Corporation have a wide range of epoxies on sale, each one with a specific purpose. While epoxies are known to be strong and durable, extreme moisture can impact durability to an extent. In this post, we are sharing more on the uses and applications of epoxies.

Are epoxies same as adhesives?

While both belong to the same category, epoxies and adhesives are not the same. Epoxies are often used across different industrial where stronger adhesives are required, such as automotive and construction. On the other hand, generic industrial adhesives are used for making plastic parts and other products that don’t need as much of strength.

Applications and more

Epoxies are used for making some of the major parts and components in the electronics industry. These are also used for insulation where needed, and also in commercial construction. Epoxy paints are considered to be superior for diverse interior finishes, and you can find epoxies that are used for repairing concrete, as well. Epoxy is known for its ability to withstand chemicals and corrosion, which is why it is used as a coating for many surfaces and products. You can find epoxy coatings on concrete surfaces, metals and even other household products that must be coated for better use and durability. Epoxies is also extensively used for flooring. Terrazzo flooring, for instance, relies on epoxy resin. This is also an environment-friendly option, as there is no need for using pesticides.

Buying epoxies

There are many companies that deal in epoxies, and they can produce adhesives that have different strengths and uses, for different applications. If you need epoxy resin for a specific project or requirement, contact one such company and seek their expertise on the kind of adhesive that will work best for your needs. Do ask for an estimate, and you are likely to get a better price when you order in bulk.

Epoxies are likely to be around for years to come, and the applications are only expanding with time. What matters as much is using the right kind of epoxy for the right purpose. For that, you need a company that specializes in industrial adhesives.

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