A Handy Guide to Refer for Outboard Motor Maintenance

Outboard engines matter a lot when it comes to having a good day on water or else you may end up rowing your boat back to dock. Hence, you need to look after the outboard motor maintenance to keep your boat up and running. Refer to this guide when doing the same.

What is an outboard motor?

It refers to a self contained propulsion system. They also come equipped with a gearbox and a propeller or a jet drive. If you are wanting to buy one, then visit Evinrude outboard motors for sale at discounted prices.

When should you clean them?

These engines should be cleaned after every use. The engines must also be cleaned and tested if it has not been in use for more than 60 days. Know that the engines also need a tune up before the boating season hits.

How often the boat motor be repaired?

When using the boat for the entire year, then you need to get the outboard motor tuned up at least twice every year and if you use it more often than that, then you need to get it tuned up once in every two to three months. The more the motor is being used, the more maintenance it needs.

What are the things you should keep an eye on?

After you are back from the outing, inspect every moving part. Firstly, ensure that the motor is turned off and then get rid of the outer covering. Keep an eye on the water infiltration or leaks around hoses. Spray the animate objects with hydrophobic solutions. Inspect the fuel and fuel lines for symptoms of water, cracks or leaks. When the water enters the gas, it damages the motor and prevents the engine from working as well. Water can enter into fuel tanks by condensation as well. After the use, inspect the spark plug for corrosion, just in case. Always carry a spare spark plug or engine repair kit for small outboard motors.

What type of fuel treatment must be used?

This depends on the type of motor being used, the size and the manufacturer. Two stroke engines need both oil and gas. If you want the outboard motor components work in water then use a product that shields the engine from corrosion. As a matter of fact, fuel can also be a source of corrosion apart from water. Sediments and condensation also cause damage. A good fuel additive shields your engine from premature wear and tear.

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