A guide to EMA license


You may find yourself in a situation whereby you need an EMA license before your utilities or your SP is turned on. There are circumstances where an EMA license is required and when it’s not. EMA license may not be a necessity for all industrial settings but there are circumstances when you must acquire one. Here are circumstances where an EMA license is required

Electrical installation of loads exceeding 45KVA

If you want to install electricity exceeding 45KVA, you will need to have a license for that. This is applicable for sectors and properties such as factories and warehouses. Without the license, you will be in trouble.

How to know if it exceeds 45KVA

To know whether the load exceeds 45KVA, you will have to consider converting KVA to amperes. There are different converters online that can be used for such conversions. If you do not know how to go about it, you may consider seeking help from a licensed electrician.

How to apply

For EMA electric license, you will be needed to pay an annual fee of up to $100 per year. You can also choose to pay $50 for three months. You will need a licensed electrical installer for the installation. Before the license expires, you will have to renew ema license

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