3 Steps on How to Become a TV Reporter

The job role of the reporters or correspondents is to relay the news for TV, radio or online audiences. They report local stories, events, happenings on national as well as global levels. Usually, it needs the reporters to conduct due diligence, interviews, solicit and verify facts and deliver information in such a way that it becomes easy for audience to understand. TV reporters tend to work for a specific TV channel and are responsible for writing stories, conducting interviews, using social media, editing stories and a lot more. Here is how to become one.

  1. You need to have a news reporter degree

If you want to work on TV, you need to have a bachelor’s degree at least. These degrees must be of journalisms or communications as BA or BS degrees. A major chunk of these programs are traditional, on campus, and sometimes online. Having a graduate degree is also beneficial for the same.

  1. Experience

Another factor to consider is to have valuable hands on experience in the field. Many students prefer getting hands on experience while they are still studying for their degree. They apply for internships, working for a college TV station, school newspaper or other opportunities. This comes in handy when they specialize or work towards their future career goals. In order to become a TV reporter, you need to have experience in the following job positions:

  • News correspondent: they are usually the entry level positions that need a bachelor degree and experience in the field. They can begin with being field reporters with written pieces and/or on air appearances.
  • News commentator: they help the audience to interpret new stories and offer positions in area of relevant expertise. Many commentators have educational backgrounds which are not in the journalism field and may discuss subjects such as medicine, business or politics. These job positions are prevalent at broadcast news analyst levels and may need experience as a reporter or correspondent.

  • Anchor: in order to become an anchor, you need to work as reporter or correspondent for many years. This position calls for leading the news for the given TV station.
  1. Leveling up

TV reporters usually initiate their careers for smaller TV stations on a local scale. Once they gain experience, they level up by pursuing their careers in bigger cities. This advancement comes with more duties and higher pay. If you are exhausted or bored of being on screen, then you can level up by being a news director or editor.

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